5 Ways to Ensure Success in your Virtual Dance Class

by | Jan 5, 2021


Find a space free from distractions and safety hazards. Ideally older dancers could be in a private, quiet room. Younger dancers will need assistance getting set up, but family members should stay quiet to allow dancers to hear the instructor. You may need to move couches and coffee tables to give yourself more room. A tall chair or back of the couch is a great alternative to a ballet barre. 


Maintaining your routine before and after class will provide a sense of familiarity. Use the washroom before class, and keep a water bottle nearby. Wearing the proper uniform, footwear, and having your hair tied back is strongly encouraged. This will help you get into the right mindset for dance class. If you use training equipment for class, have that ready in your dance space. 


The bigger the screen, the better! Your device should be at your eye level or higher, and your whole body should fit into the frame. If you’re able to connect your device to the TV using an HDMI cord, it will allow you to see your instructor and friends on the big screen. Log in to test your sound and video a few minutes before your class begins. 


DO have your name as the display name – you can easily update this under your Profile if you share a family account. 

DO keep your video on – the instructor needs to be able to see dancers to give them feedback. 

DON’T keep your audio on – muting your audio will prevent the background noises in your home from distracting the class. If your teacher asks you a question that requires more than a yes or no answer, unmute yourself to respond. Younger dancers may require assistance with this.

DON’T use virtual backgrounds – they can be distracting. As you move around the screen, your background can cut in and out making it difficult for the instructor to see you.  

DO use non-verbal communication – your teacher may ask yes or no questions which can be responded to with thumbs up.


This temporary set up is not perfect but we are all, including you, trying our best! Technical difficulties may happen, but our team is working hard to deliver the highest quality of virtual classes. Be patient with your instructors as they navigate this new way of teaching online. Most importantly, be patient with yourselves! Your body and mind are understandably exhausted from all the change and setbacks you have endured this past year. Keep trying your best and know that it is okay if your best is not where you want it to be right now. We promise to be patient with you too!