Positive Involvement in Your Child’s Dance Class

by | Jun 15, 2020

At the studio, the dance experience can be enriched when parents bring the experience full circle with a post-class conversation. The conversation can be based around one or multiple questions listed below. Asking dance questions will enhance the familial experience, and dancers will undoubtedly appreciate their parents’ interest and involvement in their activity and extracurricular.

  • Tell me about a move you learned today.
  • Do you think you could teach it to me?
  • Did you learn a new vocabulary word in class today?
  • Did you make a new friend in class today?
  • Were you kind to someone at dance today?
  • Do you think we could stretch together tonight?
  • What are some of your favourite songs you hear in dance class?
  • Did you do something particularly well today?
  • Did you struggle with a skill today?
  • Did you have fun?

Of course, children also love invitations to show their moves, create choreography, and produce mini shows.
Encourage these opportunities, and involve yourself with your dancers’ love for their art!