The Benefits of Taking Two Dance Classes Per Week

by | May 15, 2020

With Fall Registration opening, one of the most common questions we receive is, “How many dance classes should I enroll my dancer in?” Kids’ schedules are more full than they have ever been, and it’s a natural first question. Should you do one day of dance, one day of gymnastics, music lessons, and swimming? Is it better to be well-rounded or to become more skilled in fewer activities? How do you decide which activities to introduce your kid to and how frequently to do them? Dance is an activity and art form that takes time, dedication, and patience to master. The more time your child spends in class, the faster they will progress.

The more you learn about how people learn, the more you realize that skill is not born but is a product of the environment. Daniel Coyle, an expert researcher in learning and skill development, said in his book The Talent Code, “Although talent feels and looks predestined, in fact, we have a good deal of control over what skills we develop, and we have more potential than we might ever presume to guess.” To sum up an incredibly insightful book (which you should definitely read), skill is gained by consistently pushing the limits of your ability, failing, and trying again. And again. The more you do this, the more skill you build.

If you are only taking one dance class, once a week, there is a limit on how fast your dancer will gain skill. Taking two dance classes per week will increase skill-building opportunities immensely! The repetition has a compounding effect and you’ll see improvement grow at a faster rate than you thought possible.

Beyond becoming a much more skilled dancer, there are other benefits to choosing dance as your main extracurricular activity and taking multiple dance classes each week. Dance teaches you lifelong lessons in teamwork, hard work, responsibility, and accountability. Your performing team counts on you being engaged, present, and ready to perform.

The long, seemingly endless hours of rehearsal teach social skills better than nearly any other sport or art form. Ask any of the dance teachers here and they will confirm that their dance friends are friends they have for life. The process of learning new choreography and technique, and doing so as a shared experience, makes you into a person who is equally confident in being a member of a team and a leader.

Cost Benefits
The cost of taking two dance classes per week (or more) is your most effective way to save money on lessons. The rate per class drops by up to $15 per month for adding a second class and continues to decrease for each additional class. If you are looking to maximize your investment, give us a call to figure out which classes are best-suited for your child.

Fall Registration is now open. Preview the fall class schedule and select your classes before they’re full.